We’ve all heard of brothers and/or sisters being in bands together or even cousins for that matter, but have you ever seen a band with an uncle and nephew duo in it? Well, we’re sorry that we never made it to the big leagues because we could’ve been the first. After decades of playing and writing music, we’ve come together to lend our voices to the ever-growing online music community. From tips on taking your band on tour to online music lesson reviews and more, we offer free music learning content. We’ve partnered up with other knowledgeable and experienced musicians in order to offer the insight you need to do more than just learn a musical instrument.

Mission Statement

Though we don’t have any platinum albums on our walls, we do have unique, real-world music experience that we feel can help, or at the very least, be entertaining. Are your drum beats feeling stale? Is your voice cracking while singing? Are you looking to buy your first guitar but don’t know where to start? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you’ve found the perfect resource to help you out. Ultimately, this website aims to offer free music learning content, and is dedicated to those who have chosen to spend time learning a musical instrument. Whether you’re learning for fun or have made a musical instrument a permanent extension of your being, we hope to bring you value in your musical journey.

Our Music Community

Not every musician wants a stage or a band. Some enjoy playing a musical instrument strictly for the escape and self-discovery. We believe in bringing all musical journeys together in order to provide an in-depth understanding and appreciation of how incredible it is to learn a musical instrument.

We are always looking for musicians to share their stories and insights with us. If you feel that you have something to offer and would like to collaborate with us, contact us with a quick bio and we’ll reach out as soon as possible.